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Learn how to redirect grey water from your home fixtures to your landscape in your home or professional projects.
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New Products

1" green back ball valve

The Green Back Valve Barbed 1" is used to control the outflow of a 1 inch line, or to shut off a...


Allows a 1" PVC pipe to be disconnected from the tank.

Gorilla PVC Cement

This is an alternative to the toxic smelling PVC cement and primer! Non flammable and virtually...

3/4" Tank Adapter

The 3/4" Tank Adapter is used to create a water tight pipe connection to a rainwater...


The Brass 1" 3-way Valve is used in laundry to landscape greywater systems to switch between the...

Auto vent valve

The Auto-vent or Air Admitance Valve allows air to enter into the laundry to landscape greywater...

Poly 1/2" tubing 50 ft.

Use small sections of this tubing from the reducing (1" x 1/2") tees to reach plants with...

Pentair 1.5"-2" 3-way Valve

The Pentair 3-way valve allows easy switching of greywater to the graywater system or to the...

Hose Spigot Vacuum Breaker

A Hose Spigot Vacuum Breaker is required on hose spigots to prevent greywater mixing with...

ABS 2" double ell

The ABS 2" Double Ell is used to divide the flow of greywater into two equal sections in a...



Get the components you need to setup your own reliable, water-saving systems.
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